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5 over-rated London attractions...

5 over-rated London attractions... and their alternatives.

We know that many of you are traveling on a budget and that you can't stay in London for as long as you'd like to. What to visit? What to prioritize? Well, we always try to help you out, so below you'll find a totally subjective list of over-rated London attractions that you should avoid and what you can do instead.

5) Piccadilly Circus:
Yes, you've seen hundreds of pictures of it. Ero's fountain and all the advert billboards. And you know what else? HUNDREDS of people, busy traffic, noise, selfie sticks...
Honestly, there's not much to do there, unless you want to buy a mug in M&M world. Admit it, you only want to go take a picture of the fountain. Our suggestion, download a professional picture of it and instead go to Kensington Gardens (lovely) to take a picture of the Peter Pan's statue:

image via wikipedia

4) Covent Garden:
Londoners wonder why tourists go there. Is it because of the market? Because of the boutiques? Or simply because it's mentioned in every London handbook? I'm sorry to break the news, but there is not much to see, apart from nice buildings and boutiques you will never get in because you can't afford to buy anything there (where else would you find an Apple store?).
So, our alternative: Leadenhall Market. The building is stunning!

image via wikipedia

3) London Eye:
It's expensive. You will spend hours queuing, even if you already have a ticket. £20 for a 30-minutes ride with a bunch of strangers. A waste of time? Definitely!
Our alternative: Primrose Hill. Free sightseeing from the top of the hill, for as long as you want!

2) London Dungeon:
Those who visit this place, do you really know what you're getting yourself into? No? Of course you don't. This attraction (not a museum, or a theatre) offers a pretty scary experience. Are you really coming to Europe's capital to get scared? Please, don't. If you want to know what fear means, think of a tube strike during your holidays in London! Now, THAT is fear.
Our alternative is Torture at the Tower. At the Tower of London you can visit a vast room where prisoners used to be tortured. Yeah, for real. They have replicas of the instruments used. Gross. But you like that, don't you?

image via wikipedia

1) Madame Tussaud's:
My personal undesirable no 1. I was dragged to visit it with a friend and, yes, plenty of wax figures. Interesting? Not a bit. Do you really want to get onto a stage, surrounded by famous characters? Here's our alternative: Harry Potter world.
The tour is amazing, both kids and adults love it. It's like plunging into J. K. Rowling's books.

 image via wikipedia

Do you have any other suggestions? Anything that you consider a waste of time visiting?

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