Sunday, 15 November 2015

The importance of being Earnest

London is one of the best cities for those who love theatre. There are plays everywhere around the city, of all kinds, some expensive and some affordable.

Lately, we decided to treat ourselves to The importance of being Earnest.
Not only because we are great fans of Oscar Wilde's works, but also because we heard that David Suchet was playing Lady Bracknell! And we had to witness that performance.

So, under the cheap excuse that we wanted to go merely to write a review for our readers, we got a couple of tickets and off we went to the Vaudeville Theatre.

It was brilliant. Probably the best performance of this masterpiece I have ever seen. The actors, absolutely fabulous, clearly enjoyed the play as much as the spectators did. And David Suchet (he made a marvelous Lady Bracknell) surely enjoyed it more than anyone else.

Oscar Wilde would have been proud of this performance; Cecily (Imogen Doel) was at her cheekiest and Philip Cumbus (playing Algernon) almost choked on muffins.

We left with painful cheeks after so much laughter and with light hearts. We should enjoy Wilde's works more often. His wit is immortal. 120 years after the first time it was performed and it is still a success.

If you have never read (or watched) this play, we encourage you to do so. There is a recent film and of course you can find the play in almost any bookshop in London.

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What's your favourite play? Have you ever come to London exclusively to watch a play? Or to perform one?